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Google gracious me!

The power of the blog has hit me with full force this evening.  How many of us have Googled our name to see where we come in the rankings?  Usually, I’m down there on page 1, 278,792.  However, Philip Young mentioned on Friday how, if you type his (reasonably) common name into Google he tops the charts.  I typed mine in tonight and find I’m listed fourth, out of 1,179,000 – only beaten by a Sarah Hayman who writes about Australian tourism and hospitality and a Sarah Hayman who is a nordic skier.

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EuroBlog 07

I feel I must mention EuroBlog 07 as it’s close to Philip Young’s heart.  If you are a PR professional, get involved!  As one of the speakers at Delivering the New PR he enthused about how social media is changing the PR landscape, and has some interesting thoughts on how PR professionals should be monitoring what is being said online as well as in the more traditional media.

We are quaking Philip, we are quaking.

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