The World’s Leading…..Christmas Shin Dig

It’s the morning after the night before, and oh what a night.  Those scamps from The World’s Leading had a good turn out for the mob party of the year with tinsel a plenty and copious amount of booze – courtesy of my boss.  Hurrah.. ooo…keep the noise down I’ve got a bit of a headache this morning. 

It was great to meet some new faces, and a couple of old ones.  No doubt we’ll be along to the next one – I feel a Valentine’s theme coming on….

Special mention to Kewal Varia at Spark who spectacularly managed to single handledly spill a couple of bottles of wine and a dozen bottles of beer – despite being told to sit still for fear of knocking over the tray.  Some people just don’t like being told what to do.

A bit of gossip from the night…….  who whispered in my ear that their MD is really really tight?  Answers on a postcard please….


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