Harveys Hell

I am losing my patience with the furniture store, Harveys.  I’ve just sent them this email:

"Order 72724xxxxx

I am writing to complain about the appalling customer service provided by Harveys. We bought a sofa back in 2006, which we took delivery of in June 2006. In Dec 2006 the sofa broke. After numerous emails and phone calls an engineer was sent out to take a look at the sofa and took a few pictures, and we never heard anything again. We called the store we bought the sofa from (Hounslow) repeatedly asking when we would have a replacement, to no avail. Eventually we had to contact one of the Directors of Harveys who immediately authorised for us to go into store and pick another sofa. So we did that. Over 14 weeks later we are still waiting for delivery of said sofa.

It was due to be delivered on Saturday between 11am – 2pm. We waited in all day, until 3pm, before we had to leave the house to attend an appointment. At 4.30 I had a phone call from the driver to say it wasn’t being delivered. Really. Like we hadn’t noticed!

I called the number provided (08700 663853) to arrange redelivery today (as it’s not open over the weekend or holidays). The customer service representative who I spoke to at 9am promised someone would ring back by the end of play today to arrange redelivery. At 5.30pm when still no one had called me back I phoned again. I asked for redelivery this Saturday and was told no, there are no slots available. I asked to speak to someone more superior and Camilla, the customer service representative, refused.

I wasted a whole day on Saturday waiting for a sofa to be delivered – with no notification that it wasn’t going to arrive until after the delivery time had been and gone. We have waited MONTHS for a sofa we can actually sit on. It is not our fault that the driver was unable to deliver this weekend.

The next available Saturday slot, I was told, is Saturday the 9th June which is absolutely no use to me as we’re at a wedding that day.

I NEED OUR SOFA DELIVERED ON SATURDAY 2ND JUNE. If you are not prepared to arrange delivery for this Saturday, we would like a refund, IN FULL.

If delivery cannot be arranged for this Saturday or a refund be arranged, I am prepared to stand outside your Hounslow store and tell everyone who passes the door what absolutely shocking service we have received from Harveys from start to finish, and if necessary remove the display model of the sofa we have purchased. I am also prepared to call the local press to watch me do it, and every consumer watchdog I can think of to warn other people of the shoddy merchandise and useless service.

I expect a reply to this message by 10am tomorrow morning.

Mrs S"

Hands up who thinks I’ll get a reply?  Hands up who thinks I’ll be searching for the name of the Head of Communications tomorrow to let them know the local press are about to be informed of my protest this coming Saturday?

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