NetRep rears its head again

Those nice people over at Brands2Life sent me a link to this video today on behalf of their client Viadeo.  I’ve spoken a fair bit about net reputation and how it may enhance (or destroy) your chances of getting a job and this vid nicely illustrates some of the things I wouldn’t recommend putting on your Facebook, Viadeo or Linked-In profile.

That said, I’m not really having much luck with Viadeo, or Linked-In, these days, but then I don’t invest a lot of time in them and they’re rather clunky to get round.  My efforts seem to have wholey migrated to Facebook and until the other networking sites can convince me otherwise, my loyalty is likely to stay there.

I was particularly disappointed last week when the Sonia Veysey, Marketing Director at Viadeo, sent me an email saying she’d like to have a chat about new initiative networking for Viadeo, so intrigued I replied saying I’d love to talk to her about it.  Whereupon someone else emailed me and arranged to call me….and then never did.  I haven’t heard from them since.  Has anyone else had any success finding out what their networking initiative is?

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