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PR Perspective – Alex Pearmain

Alex hails from deepest darkest Northumberland, and following a stint studying history at Oxford headed for PR consultancy, with Fishburn Hedges. Realising Facebook was useful for more than just status updates, he set up the PR and Comms Network with fellow FH-er Alain Desmier. Aimed at bringing together PRs in a more relaxed, useful way, the group now has over 3000 members, a blog, and are about to have their latest drinks event.   Alex blogs at both and

How long have you been blogging?
I dabbled at uni, and then, and put my blogging on a more formal footing when I started work. About 18 months in the various blogs I’m currently involved with.

Why did you start?
Like most bloggers, because I’m self-indulgent and self-important? No, more seriously, it’s a combination between an enjoyment of writing, sharing opinions, and importantly a belief that social media offers better opportunities to communicate with each other, which in turn leads to better lives all round.   

Do you think blogging has helped your business?
I think every PR has a responsibility to consider how we communicate, individually, and on behalf of clients. There’s no better way to develop social media skills than putting them into practice, which will in turn assist clients.

What do you feel is the biggest challenge about writing a blog?
Undoubtedly having enough [worthwhile] thoughts to share. I’m not a believer in boring on for the sake of writing things, but equally am very conscious of the need to blog regularly to meet your ‘invisible pact’ with readers.

What do you want your readers to know about you?
Well my Twitter bio simply says ‘deeply interesting’. so I’ll stick with that!

Which other blogs do you read regularly and why?
My personal favourites are Fake Steve Jobs and Innocent, which are big parts of my daily routine. When it comes to PR blogs, I have a large number of feeds demanding my attention, but would pick out Stephen Davies, Simon Collister and Ed Lee as those which most often provoke me to thought.

If you knew someone was thinking about starting a PR related blog what advice would you want to give them?
Do it differently. Unless you’re David Brain or in a similarly privileged position, your view will just be one of many. So take a theme, and develop it, or blog from a  different perspective. Just not ‘another’ mainstream PR blog.

Do you think Web 2.0 is having an impact on how PR is practiced?
The rumblings have begun, but they haven’t yet translated into a material difference in the lives of  PR practioners right across the board. 

What’s the biggest challenge in PR?
Making sure you never stand still.

What would be your advice to someone who is looking to embark on a career in PR?
Ensure you actually enjoy media, in all its forms. If you’re not actually all that fussed about magazines, newspapers, blogs, social networks etc, you’re really going to struggle to enjoy anything you’re doing.


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Bloggers – we need you!

I must apologise.  I have dropped off of the blogosphere for a while as I haven’t even had time to read any, let alone write any.  I have joined a new venture,, and as we head towards our soft launch time seems to be one of those things I just don’t have any more.  However, I feel a virtual slapped wrist coming my way and so as my teacher friends keep telling me – I must try harder.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about my part in Unicorn Jobs for a while – there will be much to reveal but all in good time. 

In the meantime, we are on the hunt for some bloggers and where better to find bloggers than on the blogsphere?

Here’s the details…. drop me a line if you’re interested.

Unicorn Blogs is a new graduate careers website – the one-stop guide for students and recent graduates looking for advice on how to choose, pursue and succeed in their chosen career.

With a ‘soft launch’ in November 2007, will include articles on all key job sectors, with guides on how they function and how you can get into them, plus interviews with people working in those sectors, and those who recruit for them.

In addition to news stories and articles, will also include a blogs section where readers will be able to read the opinions and about experiences of various people involved in the website, including our editor, publisher and recruiter.

We will also include blogs from people embarking on their chosen careers – either final year students currently going through the ‘milk round’, or recent graduates starting their first jobs.

We are currently looking to recruit:

•    someone who started work this year on a formal graduate recruitment programme – ie some who has started work as a graduate trainee.

•    someone who has recently started their first job after graduation, but who isn’t on a formal graduate recruitment programme.

If that sounds like you, read on…

What we require

Our bloggers will:

•    write honestly and entertainingly about their experiences of their first job after graduation.
•    identify interesting topics to write about.
•    blog at least twice a week on relevant topics, writing between 100 and 300 words each time.
•    submit coherent spell-checked copy.
•    write within style guidelines (these will be very flexible for bloggers).

You will email your blog entries to our operations manager, who will arrange for them to be uploaded to our site.

What we offer

Blogging on is a great opportunity for anyone looking to develop their journalistic skills. You will have your work published on a high profile new careers website, plus receive ongoing feedback from our experienced editorial team, and direct access to our career advisers. We pay each blogger a fee of £25 a month. Our bloggers write under a pseudonym allowing them to be honest about their experiences in working life.

How to apply

If you are interested in becoming a blogger for email your name and CV plus a first blog entry to, telling us which blogging spot you are applying for.

From time to time we will recruit other bloggers. If you have an idea for a blog which thing will interest our audience of graduate jobs seekers, please get in touch, ideally with a sample blog.

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