Thank Crunchie It’s Friday?

At the end of last month, Cadbury announced that they are bringing back the "thank Crunchie it’s Friday" campaign.  In this morning’s Metro there was a tiny little piece on page 21 declaring that "two thirds of workers no longer associate joy at the end of the working week and that they feel tired and stressed out instead."   Do those two thirds include the 700 people they are making redundant?   I tried calling the Cadbury press office this morning and gave up after half an hour of a busy tone so I can’t tell you if there’s any more to the story or not.  Presumably Cadbury are planning to put the fun back into Friday but I’m not convinced a honeycomb and chocolate treat is enough.

I am personally quite perky, but I’m very fond of Fridays.  They are the gateway to the weekend and my cleaner comes on a Friday morning so I know our flat will be sparkly clean when I get home.  The trains are surprisingly quiet – parents are sloping off early for half term I suspect – and after work drinks means the commute home is generally a piece of cake at the end of the week too.  We have our weekly team meeting and things get DONE on a Friday.  I must be part of the one third who don’t dislike them, which is just as well because I’m not allowed a Crunchie on my current diet.

What the Crunchie survey fails to mention (or at least I presume it does as I wasn’t able to get my hands on a press release) is that the tired, stressed out feeling isn’t limited to Fridays.  We are a nation of hard workers.  We have less bank holidays than the vast majority of other countries (there are several petitions for a additional one on the Number 10 website).  We work longer hours than our continental  colleagues and  although there is the odd exception – we’re pretty  good at not  skiving off.  Only yesterday a friend told me how she had paid to see a private doctor near her workplace because she didn’t want to take time off of work to go and see her GP near her home and risk being branded a slacker.  Sometimes, motivating yourself to sit in front of a PC screen for 9 hours a day is a bit of a slog.

Maybe Cadbury should consider allocating a chocolate bar to every day of the week.  Thank Curly Wurly it’s Tuesday!

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