20 Useful Articles for PR Job Hunters

1. What does a PR agency do? 

2. The future of the PR industry 

3. Why I deleted your PR job application

4. How to start a career in PR

5. The three Rs of job applications

6. What does your social media profile say about you?

7. Why you should have humility

8. 9 things employers care about more than grades 

9. Advice for graduates

10. 10 unconventional ways to find a PR job

11. Office etiquette

12. More office etiquette

13. How do journalists source their stories

14. How journalists read press releases

15. Tips for writing 

16. How to write a strong opinion piece

17. How to use an apostrophe

18. Proof reading test

19. More proof reading tests

20. Editing and proof reading tips



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