49 Great PR People on Twitter Chosen by Graduates

twitterHot on the heels of my 50 PR Blogs Chosen By Graduates blog post, I asked the current batch of Tayor Bennett Foundation trainees to each list their ten favourite PR people on Twitter.  Links to the grads’ Twitter accounts and blogs with their reasons for their choices are below, followed by the full list (which you can follow here).  I gave them free reign, so absolutely no guidance in terms of who I rate on Twitter.  There’s also this handy list of PR influencers by Lissted – which I also didn’t tell them about before they put their lists together.

Interestingly in this and both the PR blogs list, there are few geographical boundaries.  The PR practitioners chosen are based not only in the UK, where the graduates are, but also North America, Australia and Asia.  Perhaps a sign that entry-level pracitioners don’t care where you are if you have something interesting to say, and that they already value global opinion and ideas.

By the way, these six (really fabulous) graduates leave the Foundation’s PR training programme in mid-November and are about to start job hunting so if you need bright, well-trained grads to join your PR agency or in-house comms team give me a shout.

ToyinToyin’s PR Bubbles
CarumCarum Basra PR
ImmaculateImmaculate Koigi
KharisA Gilded Tone
JamilaYoung is the Queen

In no particular order:

1) Richard Edelman (selected by three of the graduates)
2) Matt Neale
3) Bibi Hilton
4) Andrew McGuinness
5) Paul Simpson
6) Ben Gately (selected by three of the graduates)
7) Liz Wolstenholme
8) Francis Ingham (selected by two of the graduates)
9) Catherine Grinyer
10) Kevin Cheng
11) Kate Finley
12) Mark Ragan
13) Tony Arnold
14) Dana Willhoit
15) Joan Stewart
16) Bill Stoller
17) Hayley Barlow (selected by two of the graduates)
18) Jason Kintzler
19) Frank X Shaw
20) Liz Bridgen
21) Roland Rudd (selected by two of the graduates)
22) Richard Bailey (selected by two of the graduates)
23) Fred Cook (selected by three of the graduates)
24) Steve Rubel
25) Stephen Waddington
26) Stuart Bruce (selected by two of the graduates)
27) Alex Singleton
28) Alastair Campbell
29) Lynton Crosby
30) David Axelrod
31) James Herring
32) Paul Holmes
33) Shiona Turini
34) Mavis Amankwah
35) Bill Whitman Jr
36) Steven Chavez
37) Lisa Kwong
38) Angela Sustaita-Ruiz
39) Jamahl Simmons
40) Cindi Berger
41) Liz Matthews
42) Richelle Payne
43) Deidre Breakenridge
44) David Brain
45) Dorothy Crenshaw
46) Avril Lee
47) Rachel Friend
48) Tham Kai Meng
49) Alastair McCapra

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