10 starter subjects for PR blogs

starter blogging ideasIf you’re looking to break into PR, one of the easiest ways to build a network online and raise your personal profile is to write great content and share it on social media.

The trick is to write content that other people will want to share, and the easiest way to get someone to share something is to write something about them. This may involve a bit of legwork first – asking for quotes from various people – but you might be surprised at how generous PR folk are when it comes to giving comments.

Here’s my guide to ten easy starter posts for a PR blog.  Once you’ve had a bash at these you may find inspiration strikes and you want to keep writing.

  1. Your top ten PR bloggers.  You’ll need more than just the list – a little bit of description and your views on why they make a good read will keep your readers engaged.
  2. Your top 25 PR people to follow on Twitter. Everyone loves a list.  If you can find a way to rank them that makes the list particularly interesting.
  3. Profile of a PR professional.  This doesn’t need to be someone particularly senior, perhaps someone who did your course and now works in PR and are in their first couple of years in the industry.  If they have a large social media following that can help spread the word.
  4. Five great PR books (or articles).  When you share it on social media, tag the authors.
  5. Career advice from PR practitioners – a round up of job hunting tips from various PR people and recruiters.
  6. Analysis of a PR campaign. Give your opinion but ask others for their views too.  If you’re really brave, you could ask for comments from the PR team that ran the campaign.
  7. Analysis of an industry issue.  Should the PRCA merge with the CIPR? Will Brexit mean less international PR students?  How should the industry tackle the gender pay gap? There are loads of big questions currently floating around the industry. Ask for comment from PR leaders to include in your piece.
  8. The best PR boards on Pinterest. Or Instagram accounts, or Snapchat users, or another social platform.  Find an interesting platform and run with it – for example, who gives great answers to PR questions on Quora?
  9. Tips for getting the most out of a PR degree – with comments from PR students and lecturers.
  10. Diary of an internship. If you’re really serious about a career in PR at some point you’re going to have to get some work experience.  Write a diary, get comments from your colleagues and let the world know what you learned while you were there.

To give you an incentive to get writing, I’ll gift a signed copy of ‘How to get a job in PR‘ to the first person to write all ten blog posts who then tweets to let me know.


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