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Get a (Second) Life?

To continue with my musings on Delivering the New PR – I was introduced to Second Life yesterday.  I had heard vague rumblings about it before, my boss Steve Mallison-Jones had mentioned it in passing but my head nearly exploded when he tried to explain it so it was with interest that the experts at the conference talked about it being the next big thing and how all 16-24 year olds are going to be living in Second Life and we should get with the programme.

Now, I’m fairly tech savvy.  I use forums, email, Google, and eBay.  I even plan my wedding online and share photos on Photobucket and now I have a blog.  But I am struggling with the concept of  Second Life.

Correct me if I’m wrong (and I invariably am) but it sounds to me like Sims with a bit of cash changing hands, and a rather scary loss of grip on reality.  Sims (I’ve been told by my husband to be) is a girls game, and yet Second Life is so far a predominately male pursuit. 

I am  missing the point, quite obviously. 

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