49 Great PR People on Twitter Chosen by Graduates

twitterHot on the heels of my 50 PR Blogs Chosen By Graduates blog post, I asked the current batch of Tayor Bennett Foundation trainees to each list their ten favourite PR people on Twitter.  Links to the grads’ Twitter accounts and blogs with their reasons for their choices are below, followed by the full list (which you can follow here).  I gave them free reign, so absolutely no guidance in terms of who I rate on Twitter.  There’s also this handy list of PR influencers by Lissted – which I also didn’t tell them about before they put their lists together.

Interestingly in this and both the PR blogs list, there are few geographical boundaries.  The PR practitioners chosen are based not only in the UK, where the graduates are, but also North America, Australia and Asia.  Perhaps a sign that entry-level pracitioners don’t care where you are if you have something interesting to say, and that they already value global opinion and ideas.

By the way, these six (really fabulous) graduates leave the Foundation’s PR training programme in mid-November and are about to start job hunting so if you need bright, well-trained grads to join your PR agency or in-house comms team give me a shout.

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50 PR Blogs Chosen By Graduates

Recently I asked the Taylor Bennett Foundation PR trainees to pick their favourite PR blogs and this is the list they came up with – all worth checking out especially if you’re just about to embark on your first PR job, but even if you’re a seasoned PR practitioner.

There were 8 grads and they chose 10 blogs each – some overlapped bringing the final total down to 50.

Tofayal – interning at Cohn & Wolfe (here’s the reasons for his 10 choices)
Sheeraz- now working at Perception PR
Raz – now working as a media planner at Nickelodeon
Hannah- recently interned at Bell Pottinger
Kerrie – interning at Luther Pendragon
Pritpal – now working at MHP Communications (here’s the reasons for his 10 choices)
Ndela – now working in comms at One Housing Group
Kiran – now working in comms at Royal London Group

In no particular order:

  1. CIPR Conversation
  2. Jon Silk Dot Com
  3. Global Health PR
  4. PR in your pajamas
  5. Agnes Day
  6. Holmes Report Blog
  7. Ishmael’s Corner
  8. The Measurement Standard
  9. MHP Health
  10. Stephen Waddington
  11. NevilleHobson.com
  12. That PR Dude
  13. Iliyana’s Blog
  14. Mark My Words
  15. A PR Guy’s Musings
  16. The Dan Slee Blog
  17. PR Studies
  18. Brian Solis
  19. Bad Pitch Blog
  20. Omnirambles
  21. Beyond PR
  22. PR Squared
  23. Danny Brown
  24. 6 A.M.
  25. Social Media Explorer
  26. Journalistics
  27. Spin Sucks
  28. Peter Shankman
  29. Jason Falls
  30. TopRank Blog
  31. PR couture
  32. The PR Week Blog
  33. Houston PR
  34. PR Examples
  35. Ronn Torrosian
  36. NYC PR Girls
  37. The Red Rocket
  38. Raising the Profile
  39. Delightful Communications Blog
  40. The PR Life
  41. Social #PRChat
  42. PR Breakfast Club
  43. Jessica Lawlor
  44. Green Banana
  45. Maxtb.com
  46. Simon Wakeman
  47. KoiFish
  48. PR Daily
  49. PR Newser
  50. LinkedIn Influencer Blogs


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Mumsnet Academy – How to find a job and a CV masterclass


In September I’m going to be delivering a couple of careers guidance courses for Mumsnet Academy with Heather McGreagor, aka Mrs Moneypenny, in London.  I’m really excited about these, not least because those people who sign up will be really keen to make the most of our advice and put our guidance into action.

On Thursday 18th September it’ll be a CV masterclass  Continue reading

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How to describe your job on your CV

I see a lot of CVs and the thing that most people struggle with is being detailed enough about what they do in their current job.  The job you’re doing at the moment, particularly if you’ve been doing it for several years, is what’s going to get you your next job so it’s important you let future employers know exactly what you do so they can get a good picture of what you’re capable of.  Continue reading

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Stephen Waddington – Brand Vandals

I stumbled across this lecture by Stephen Waddington from last year and it’s worth checking out whether you’re looking to start your career in PR or whether you’re a seasoned practitioner.  He explores the impact of social media across business, practice and academia.

Also, take note of his advice right at the start of this video – if you want to work in PR, write a blog.

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Infographic: How to get a job in PR

I’m a fan of infographics. They may be a bit old hat these days but I think they can be a really striking way of presenting information. I had a bash at doing one for ‘How To Get A Job In PR’ and this is the result. It’s surprisingly hard to get across the tone and content of a whole book in one infographic!

Click the image to enlarge.

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Goodreads Giveaway of ‘How To Get A Job In PR’

Goodreads Book Giveaway

How to Get a Job in PR by Sarah Stimson

How to Get a Job in PR

by Sarah Stimson

Giveaway ends March 05, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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