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Flashing Farce

The London 2012 logo has been unveiled.   If it’s not enough that the vast majority of people hate it (I was at a conference today where we were asked who liked it – 3 people raised their hands) – it’s now having to be removed from the website amid fears that it can trigger epilepsy.

On the BBCs Sports Editor blog, Clare Stocks asks us to give it a chance.  The 53 comments on her post so far don’t seem that gracious about it.

I saw it and thought "eurgh" – and how dated will that look by 2012?  I’m waiting for it to grow on me.

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Blogging Backlash

As 2006 draws to a close and a new year dawns I have begin the yearly ritual of clearing out my favourites on internet explorer and found my favourite headline of the year.

Enraged Locals Drive Blogger From Barrow-in-Furness

I’ve never been to Barrow, but it sounds, erm, delightful!

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