2015: 150 PR agency internships, apprenticeships, work experience, graduate schemes & entry-level roles

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Jan 2016: Please note that the 2016 version of this list is now available here.

One of the things I’m most often asked about is the importance of internships.  Do you really need experience to get into PR or can you go straight onto a graduate scheme?  In my experience, it’s absolutely vital that you have previous PR experience before applying for an entry-level job in communications. One of the things I often advise those job hunters to do is to look at the PR Week top 150 agencies and start looking for work experience, internships, apprenticeships and graduate schemes offered by those firms.

So to kick 2015 off in style I’ve done the hard part and trawled through websites to bring you the top 150 companies’ internships, apprenticeships and entry-level opportunities in this handy list.

For an detailed look at careers in the PR industry including how to write a decent CV and cover letters buy my book: How To Get A Job In PR

You should also check out the PRCA’s list of PRCA member companies which pay their interns at least the minimum wage, and Ben Cotton also has a list of graduate schemes – some of which are not in this top 150.  You might also want to look at PR Week’s Best Places to Work – several of these firms also appear in the top 150.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Taylor Bennett Foundation runs four graduate PR traineeships per year for BAME graduates to improve diversity in the industry.  The next is sponsored by MHP Communications, it’ll run April – June and we’re already accepting applications for it.

All the usual advice re job applications apply – do your research (including making sure you know where the agency you’re applying to is located – not all of these listed are in London), write a specific cover letter, make sure you proof read carefully and tell the company what you will do for them, not what they will do for you.

I’m going to shamelessly plug my book now – you should read How to get a job in PR before you apply for anything – it’ll help, honest.

1. Brunswick
No advertised graduate scheme or internships but Brunswick do take interns on a regular basis.  You need to send your CV and a cover letter speculatively to careerseurope@brunswickgroup.com.  Brunswick have also previously sponsored more than half of the diversity PR traineeship programmes for BAME graduates run by the Taylor Bennett Foundation and are a confirmed sponsor for summer 2015.  The Foundation will start accepting applications for that programme in the spring so keep an eye on the website.

2. Edelman
One of the first agencies to scrap the degree entry requirement, Edelman run an apprenticeship scheme open to anyone looking to embark on a career in PR – with a degree or not.  Applications for 2015 close on 15th January.  They also take applications for work experience and internships on a rolling basis and you can apply for those here.

3. Weber Shandwick
Weber Shandwick offer a whole range of opportunities including work experience, internships, a graduate trainee scheme and an apprenticeship scheme for school leavers.

4. FTI Consulting
With a number of graduate programmes across a range of practice areas, FTI give plenty of detail on their website in terms of requirements – for example you’re going to need a minimum of a 2:1 to apply there.  Most of their schemes are currently not accepting applications with the exception of the Strategic Communications Graduate Programme which is open for applications until 28th Feb.  There’s no mention of internships on the FTI website but I suspect they take them so your best bet is to apply speculatively to London.Recruitment@fticonsulting.com.  Remember, when you send speculative applications you need to let them know when you are available and what type of work you’re looking for – perm, temp, paid internship, unpaid internship, work experience etc.

5. Bell Pottinger
Internships and a graduate scheme are on offer at Bell Pottinger.  Both require a CV and cover letter so a pretty standard application process.  The deadline for the 2015 graduate scheme is 30th January.

6. Hill & Knowlton Strategies
Applicants for the Hill and Knowlton Strategies internships are encouraged to make their applications stand out, so you might want to think of a more creative approach than the standard CV and cover letter for this one.  The 2015 graduate scheme hasn’t been announced on the website yet but it’s worth keeping an eye on this page to find out when they’re accepting applications.

7. Freuds
Freuds offer two week work experience placements – although it’s not clear from their website whether these are paid positions.  For permanent entry-level roles send a speculative CV and cover letter to Nicky Vallelly (their talent acquisition manager – that’s recruitment to you and me) at work@freuds.com

8. Ogilvy PR
I got a headache trying to work out Ogilvy’s website so well done if you’ve managed to find any information on their PR internships or graduate schemes.  I couldn’t find any email contact details for them either so if you want to ask them about opportunities I suspect Twitter may be the way forward.  Drop them a tweet and hope for a response.

9. Finsbury
Finsbury don’t have advertised graduate or internship schemes but they do take interns and those can turn into permanent entry-level positions if they have a vacancy available and if you deliver work to a really high standard.  The best approach is to send a speculative CV and cover letter to recruitment-uk@finsbury.com.  Finsbury have also previously sponsored Taylor Bennett Foundation’s diversity PR traineeships for BAME graduates so keep your eyes peeled on the Foundation’s website to see if they sponsor again in 2015.

10. MSL Group
There’s no mention of internships or graduates schemes on MSL’s (snazzy but not very informative) website.  Send a speculative application to recruitment@mslgroup.com

11. Ketchum
The James Maxwell Graduate Programme is listed as accepting applications until Jan 2014, so it’s not clear when the 2015 applications will be open.  For internships, download the internship application form on the same webpage and send it to rachael.oconnor@ketchum.com. You should also check out the Ketchum careers page to see if there are any specific vacancies you might be eligible to apply for.

Added by edit 12th Jan: Ketchum are now accepting applications forthe James Maxwell Graduate Programme.  Deadline April 2015.

12. Instinctif Partners
There’s no internships or graduate schemes mention on Instinctif’s website, but you should consider applying speculatively with a CV and cover letter to careers@instinctif.com.  Interestingly, they specifically say that ideally you should have a degree and some experience in PR.  It’s more common for agencies to accept applications from candidates without a degree these days if you have relevant experience so if you’re a school leaver with some PR work experience under your belt it’s worth a shot.

13. Golin
Bright Young Things is Golin’s paid internship scheme which takes between four and seven interns for four months.  All entry-level positions are hired for through this scheme so if you want to work there, you have to intern there first.  They’ll be opening applications for their May intake in March 2015.

14. The Good Relations Group
The Good Relations Group is part of the Chime group of companies and they’re currently accepting applications for their graduate scheme.  However, you should check out all the companies in the group as they all offer different internship and entry-level opportunities in a range of disciplines and sectors.

15. FleishmanHillard
FleishmanHillard accept internship applications all year round and also has a graduate scheme which is accepting applications until 27th February.

16. Cohn & Wolfe
There’s no specific internship or graduate scheme at Cohn & Wolfe but they accept applications at entry-level all year round.

17. Fishburn
Fishburn take on one intern per month.  They also have a graduate trainee programme.  They haven’t announced the programme for 2015, but keep an eye on this part of their website – dates tend to be announced in late spring/early summer.

18. Chandler Chicco Companies
No internships or graduate schemes listed on the Chandler Chicco website but they encourage speculative applications so send a CV and cover letter to j.lawson@cca-uk.com.

Added by edit 5th Jan:  Chandler Chicco got in touch to say they do offer a graduate training scheme (yay!) and here’s the link to it.

19. The Red Consultancy
Red do take interns fairly regularly, although they rarely advertise them so it’s worth applying speculatively to their (really lovely) HR Manager, Hannah.  Entry-level roles do get advertised on Red’s website but if you get an internship and prove yourself, that’s a good way in the door.  CV and cover letter is the way to go Hannah.McKechnie@redconsultancy.com

Added by edit 7th Jan:  The infomation about their grad scheme will go up on their website in February so keep an eye out for that.  They generally look to recruit 8 – 12 graduates between June – September.

20. Tonic Life Communications
Tonic Life doesn’t advertise a graduate scheme or internship but it does encourage speculative applications from anyone wanting to work in healthcare or life sciences.  If you have a science or bio-med degree, it’s always worth contacting the healthcare agencies as they find people much harder to find than some other sectors so you have a greater chance of securing an internship or entry-level role.  Send a CV and cover letter to TonicForMyCareer@toniclc.com.

21. Portland
Junior roles are advertised on their website (like this Junior Account Exec position).  They don’t have a graduate scheme as far as I know but they do accept speculative applications for internships.  Email CV and cover letter to recruitment@portland-communications.com.  To give you an idea what an intern might do there, here’s an old intern advert.

22. Burson Marsteller
This is a bit exciting; Burson Marsteller offer internships in international offices, although you must speak the language of that country fluently to be considered. They also have a rolling programme of graduate recruitment across the year taking on between 12 – 15 new or recently qualified graduates each year on a twelve month contract. You will need to submit a CV and covering letter through their careers website

23. Four Communications
The application deadline has passed for the 2015 Four Communications Graduate Scheme but it’s worth bookmarking the page and making a note in your diary to look it up at the end of this year to apply for 2016.  However, they are currently accepting applications for internships for both graduate and students, and work experience for students in full-time education .

24. Exposure
Exposure offer both graduate internships and student placements (scroll down to the bottom of this page).

25. We Are Social
You’re advised to keep an eye on this web page for details of their 2015 graduate scheme. There’s also details there on how to apply for an internship.

26. Maitland
No details of internships or grad schemes on Maitland’s website but speculative applications should be sent to careers@maitland.co.uk.

27. Lansons
Lansons take at least ten trainee executives every year and you can find the details of how to apply on this web page.  They also advertise internships there – currently they’re looking for a business development intern.

28. The Communications Store
The Communications Store accept internship applications.  There’s no mention of a graduate scheme, but they do advertise junior level roles on the same page.

29. Brands2Life
Internships are advertised on their careers page.  Currently they’re looking for a marketing intern.  Speculative applications are also encouraged so if you’re keen to work there it’s worth writing to them.

30. Porter Novelli
After an agonising 20 minutes looking through the PN website I gave up trying to find any mention of graduate schemes and internships.  I would be very surprised if they didn’t offer both, but I can’t point you in the right direction on this one I’m afraid.   I think your best bet might be to tweet them.

Added by edit 5th Jan:  Porter Novelli contacted me on Twitter to say that their website is under development (hurrah!) and that anyone interested in internships and entry-level roles can contact them by sending an email to toptalent@porternovelli.co.uk

31. Hotwire
Hotwire have a graduate scheme and are pretty specific about the requirements – another 2:1 minimum here I’m afraid.  On that note, I suspect the 2:1 cut off will change for many agencies in the next few years as they start to embrace diversity and look at other ways to filter in great talent.

32. Nelson Bostock Group
Nelson Bostock has a truly awful website which doesn’t have a careers page at all.  If you’re keen to work for them the best way would be to find someone who already works there through LinkedIn or Twitter and ask them if they’d mind forwarding your CV to the relevant person.  I know that they do hire grads on a graduate scheme because I know people who have had places on it – if anyone can tell me where they advertise that scheme I’ll add it here.

Added by edit 6th Jan.  Nelson Bostock called me to say their website is currently a holding page and information will go up on there when the new website goes live.

About twice a year they have entry-level assessment days – you don’t necessarily need a degree. Keep an eye out for the new website for details.

They run paid internships and take applications all year.  To apply for those email graduates@nelsonbostockunlimited.com

33. The Big Partnership

The Big Partnership advertise junior roles on their careers page as they become vacant but are keen to accept speculative applications too and stress that not all their staff are graduates so that’s good news if you’re a school leaver.

34. Hanover Communications
Paid internships are offered at Hanover and they’re specifically on the hunt for a corporate comms intern at the moment.  Fortunately, it’s more the norm for internships to be paid these days but do make sure you check if it’s not specified on the company’s website.

35. TVC Group
TVC encourage speculative applications.  Send a CV and cover letter to hello@tvcgroup.com

36. Buchanan
There’s nothing about grad schemes or internships on Buchanan’s website, so it might be worth punting over an application speculatively but as they’re part of WPP your best bet might be to apply for a WPP fellowship.

37. Powerscourt
Speculative applications are encouraged by Powerscourt.  I happen to know someone who has interned there so I know they do have interns and will also accept applications for junior roles.

38. Pegasus
Winner of PR Weeks’ Consultancy of the Year 2014 award, Pegasus accepts speculative applications. 

39. Red Door Unlimited
Red Door ask for speculative applications – send your CV and covering letter to recruitment@crestonhealth.co.uk

Added by edit 6th Feb:  From Red Door – RD Unlimited run an annual graduate training scheme.  All applicants must have an honours degree.  Applicants can send an email to Liz Ingle (lingle@crestonhealth.co.uk) in June. Details will be available on our website from June onwards.

40. Camargue Group
Camargue offer graduate roles, internship and work experience in their offices in London, Birmingham and Cheltenham.

41. Frank PR
Frank offers a work placement scheme (click Jobs in bottom left corner).  For more permanent roles send a speculative application – word on the wind is that Frank PR likes more than a standard CV and cover letter so be creative.

42. Kreab Gavin Anderson
There are no details of jobs or careers at KGA on their website and their generic email address doesn’t look hopeful either (london@kreab.com).  I worry with those general email addresses that job applications just go into a big black hole.  You are better off researching the people on their team page and approaching one of them directly I think. Keep in mind that because they’ve not made it easy for graduates to apply, fewer people are likely to be sending in applications so your CV may have a chance of standing out, but it’ll take a bit of research on your part.

43. Cake
Cake do have a jobs page on their website but there’s not enormous amounts of info on it.  They recommend you join the Cake Group LinkedIn group to keep informed of vacancies, which you should do, but there’s no harm in sending them a speculative application too.

44. 3 Monkeys Communications
3 Monkeys have previously advertised internships although there’s nothing on their website about them at the moment.  Their current vacancies are advertised here, but as always send a speculative application if there’s no open vacancy to suit you.

45. Octopus Group
The ‘join us’ link at the bottom of this web page opens up an email for you to send your CV, which indicates a speculative application is the way to go.

Added by edit 7th Jan: Info from Octopus – We have paid internship opportunities throughout the year with many leading to permanent roles. We are happy to take applications all year around, send your CV to jobs@weareoctopusgroup.net. We currently have a number of opportunities so get in touch asap!

46. Eulogy
All roles are advertised on their website – they’re currently looking for Account Execs for their B2B team.  No mention of internships but you know the drill, apply speculatively.

47. M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment
A four-week internship is on offer here.

48. Axon Communications
Axon advertise its current positions here.  No internships or graduate schemes listed but if you have a science degree and are interested in healthcare PR it’s worth dropping them an email.

49. PPS Group
There are internships and work experience on offer at PPS.  They’re also currently looking to recruit Account Execs so there’s the possibility of a permanent job.  Interestingly, they ask for either a written, video or presentation style CV and this is something I think we’re going to start seeing more of.  Recently I chatted to an MD of an agency who said they limit applications to a 1 minute video CV as that’s all it takes to tell if someone has done their research and can speak articulately enough to warrant an interview.

Added by edit 5th Jan: PPS got in touch via Twitter to say they take internships really seriously and took 19 interns in 2013/14.

50. Waggener Edstrom Worldwide.
There are no internships or graduate schemes listed on Waggener’s website but I would be very surprised if they didn’t offer them.  Keep an eye on the careers page here, and if you’re really keen it would be worth giving them a call to find out when they’ll be recruiting at entry-level again.

51. PHA Media
4 week UNPAID internships are on offer at PHA.

52. Talk PR
Talk PR have an innovative approach to introducing graduates to PR.  They hold regular open days where you get to meet the MD, and hear about a day in the life of a junior PR.  They also advertise their junior roles on their careers page.

53. Iris Culture
Iris Potential‘ is Iris Culture’s graduate scheme.  Applications are taken in the summer to start in the autumn.

54. Mischief PR
No grad schemes listed on the website but I know of two graduates who have been to work at Mischief – both did it by being recommended by a current employee so it’s time to find out who in your LinkedIn network is connected with Mischief and meet them for a coffee.  Otherwise, they accept speculative applications here.

Added by edit 7th Jan:  Info from Mischief – We’re always looking to speak to talented individuals, best to contact via hello@mischiefpr.com

55. Purple
Purple’s website has nothing about careers on it, however they have taken interns previously which makes me think a speculative application is worth a go.

56. Clarion Communications
Clarion is part of the WPP group so will be part of their fellowship, but it’s worth registering your details on their website for entry-level roles.

57. Ruder Finn UK
The graduate scheme at Ruder Finn is open all year round (hurrah!) They ask for a CV and a 100 word cover letter so chose your words carefully.  They’re also currently advertising for a Junior Account Executive (click on the ‘work here’ link on their website).

58. Newgate
There’s no graduate scheme or internships advertised on Newgate’s website but I suspect a speculative application at the right time might secure one.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Newgate got in touch with lots of great info:

Newgate Communications offers paid internships throughout the year and also has an annual graduate scheme. For both opportunities candidates are asked to submit a CV together with a covering letter explaining which opportunity they wish to apply for and detailing previous experience, achievements and why they want to work for Newgate. This information is then used to select candidates for an assessment day for those that are applying for the Graduate Scheme. The best way to contact Newgate is via email newfuture@newgatecomms.com or Twitter @NewgateComms or LinkedIn.

The Newgate team is always keen to hear from candidates and is always looking for people who are energetic, totally committed to getting results and have an international mind-set. To date, Newgate has taken on two graduates each year since the company formed, two of whom have resulted from internships.

59. Salt
Salt encourage speculative applications but don’t list internships or graduate schemes specifically.

60. Just::Health PR
Click ‘who we are’ on the website to read all about their benefits. Send a speculative application to alex@justhealthcomms.com.

61. London Communications Agency
Currently recruiting at all levels including entry-level.  CVs and cover letters should be sent to Eva Dickson ed@londoncommunications.co.uk

62. Citypress
Citypress offer one to two-week work experience placements for students in their Manchester office.  They’re also currently recruiting at entry-level for an Assistant Account Executive.

63. Halpern
Speculative applications should be sent to careers@halpern.co.uk

64. Pitch
Pitch offers both work experience and internships.  They also advertise their junior roles here, and encourage speculative applications if there isn’t a vacancy which suits you.

65. Freshwater UK
Freshwater is currently recruiting for internships and Account Executives in London, and graduate roles and internships in Cardiff.

66. Golley Slater PR
There’s no careers info on Golley Slater’s website so it’s going to be a case of applying speculatively.

67. Lewis PR
All roles at Lewis, including internships, are advertised here.  Lewis have previously run a graduate scheme which asked for a non-CV application, but I’m not sure if they still do – there’s nothing on their website about it.

Added by edit 6th Jan: Info from Lewis – The best way for candidates to apply for internships is to send their CV and covering letter to hellolondon@lewispr.com. They can also follow our @lewisprcareers twitter handle. We are currently in the process of redesigning our website which will include a featured page for recruitment and graduates. This will launch in the next couple of months.  We’re always on the lookout for bright sparks to join us.

68. Berkeley PR International
Currently advertising a Trainee Account Executive role on their careers page.

69. Remarkable Group
Remarkable encourage speculative applications and also advertise junior roles on their careers page.

70. PrettyGreen
PrettyGreen offer £1,000 for any referral which leads to them hiring someone so that’s worth keeping in mind when you’ve got a student loan to repay.  There’s no graduate scheme or internship listed on their website but it’s worth keeping an eye on their jobs page.

71. Tangerine PR
Tangerine PR is currently offering a social media apprenticeship and a couple of account executive roles.  They have a hefty application form though so set aside a couple of hours to complete it.  They also offer (really interesting looking) social media apprenticeship through the Juice Academy.

72. Smarts
Smarts don’t have any careers info on their website so a speculative application is your only option.

73. Nexus Communications
There’s no careers info on the Nexus website, however they do helpfully list all the senior members of staff so it’s worth researching them and then sending a speculative application to the most relevant person.

74. Teamspirit Public Relations
Teamspirit don’t advertise junior roles as they prefer to take referrals, but I can tell you that they do take both interns and entry-level PRs as I know of two people who work there at the junior end.  It’s worth following the advice on their website and sending a CV.

75. Bellenden
There’s no internships or grad schemes on Bellenden’s website but they do list the senior team so do your research and send a focused speculative application.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Info from Bellenden – They are currently accepting applications for their graduate scheme. Deadline is 6th February

76. Camron Public Relations
There’s no career info on the Camron website, but they do have interns listed on the team page so they do take them and it’s worth sending a speculative application.

77. Cirkle Communications
No career info listed on the Cirkle website but the senior team are here so look them up and apply speculatively.

Added by edit 7th Jan: Info from Cirkle – applications should be sent to rikki.weir@cirkle.com

78. Orb Communications
Orb currently don’t have a website but they have this landing page. There’s a generic info@ email address which you could apply to speculatively but if you can find someone senior who works there on LinkedIn or Twitter that’s a better option.

79. Seven Hills
Seven Hills encourages speculative applications here.

Added by edit 7th Jan.  Info from Seven Hills –  We are currently changing our website and therefore are yet to communicate effectively our internship programme which we put a lot of time and effort into last year and continue to do so.  We work closely with a lot of the top universities and particularly in the summer have countless opportunities for grads to come to the agency for a min of 2 weeks (paid) to come see if the world of corporate communication appeals to them.  We recruited 8 campaign execs last year off the back of this.  Its an area that we are going to develop further in terms of running grad days and selection off the back of that too.  We are happy to take interns all year long too although for obvious there are times of years they are easier to come by.  Writing is key to what we do so all grads need to take a writing test too.

80. W
W encourages applications for jobs and work experience here.

81. Pinnacle Marketing Communications
Pinnacle has a jobs page on its website.  There’s no specific mention of internships or grad schemes but keep an eye on the page and send a speculative application if tech is your thing.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Pinnacle got in touch to say they take several interns every year and are always keen to help new talent where they can.

82. CCgroup
Speculative applications encouraged here.

Added by edit 20th March: CCgroup got in touch to say they don’t offer internships or placements but that they will be looking to offer an annual placement from 2016, probably with a university partner.  So if you’re currently on a PR degree that’s worth keeping in mind.

83. Racepoint Global
Racepoint advertise all roles, including entry-level and internships, here.

84. PLMR
PLMR offer perm roles, paid internships and work experience opportunities.  Details of those, when they’re available, can be found here.

85. Broadgate Mainland
Broadgate Mainland runs a summer internship programme.  It also encourages speculative applications from graduates for entry-level roles and you can find details of both opportunities here.

86. The Outside Organisation
No internships or grad schemes listed.  There’s a generic info@ email address here, but it’s always better to try to find someone specific to write to if you can.  Mine your Twitter and LinkedIn contacts and if that fails, call them up and ask who to write to.

87. Bray Leino
Bray Leino are currently advertising for an Account Executive and all their roles from entry-level upwards are advertised here.  There’s no internships listed but there is an email address for speculative applications so that’s worth a go.

88. William Murray Communications
No internships or grad schemes listed on their website, but they encourage speculative applications.  Send a CV and cover letter to belinda@williammurray.co.uk

89. Wildcard
Wildcard are currently advertising Account Exec vacancies on their careers page.  There’s no mention of internships but there is an email address for speculative applications – that goes to an actual person, so that’s a good sign.

90. WPR
There’s no careers info at all on WPR’s website.  There is a generic email address which you could apply to speculatively but do try to find a name of an appropriate person to write to  first.

91. Splendid Communications
At the time of writing this blog post, Splendid’s website was down.  They do have a Facebook page though so that’s probably your best bet for enquiring about internships and entry-level roles.

92. Bright Consultancy
Bright has a ‘careers’ link at the bottom of their website but it doesn’t actually lead to anything.  There’s a get in touch page here though and it’s worth sending a speculative application if Birmingham is where you want to be.

93. Insight Public Affairs
IPA offer great research internships and promise formalised feedback, which is really useful when you’re trying to work out what you’re good at and where you need to improve.

94. Threepipe
There’s no grad schemes or internships listed on Threepipe’s vacancies page, but they do encourage speculative applications.

Added by edit 6th Jan: Threepipe tweeted me to say they don’t have a formal internship or grad scheme but are always keen to hear from bright people looking to get into the industry.

95. Luchford APM
Luchford is currently recruiting for a PR & Marketing Intern.

96. Unity
Unity offers paid internships and many interns go on to Account Assistant roles.  They also pay a 5% golden hello, which is a nice touch.

97. Aspectus PR
Aspectus runs an internship scheme and many previous interns have gone on to secure Account Executive roles there.

98. Madano Partnership
Madano is currently recruiting for a Research Executive. 

99. PFPR Communications
PFPR is currently recruiting for an Account Executive (scroll down the page).  There’s no mention of internships but they do encourage speculative applications.

100. The Wriglesworth Consultancy
Speculative applications are encouraged here.  They ask for a CV and an elevator pitch so do some reading up on those before you apply.

101. Rostrum Communications
Rostrum offer paid internships here.

102. JTA (Jon Tibbs Associates)
JTA don’t list career opportunities on their website so your best bet is to check out their team page, find the most appropriate person to write to and apply speculatively.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  JTA tweeted me to say they offer occassional internships and 33% of their current staff started there as interns. To apply, send a CV and cover letter to info@jtaassocs.com

103. Ashley Communications
I suspect Ashley Communications doesn’t recruit permanently at a junior level but may take interns.  Both the directors are listed here so if you’re interested in healthcare PR and want to work in Rickmansworth, drop them a line.

104. Bottle PR
Bottle PR is currently recruiting for Account Executives and Social Media Executives.

105. Champollion Group
Speculative applications are encouraged here.

106. Mulberrry Marketing Communications
Mulberry offers three-month internships.

107. Liberty Comms
Liberty encourages applications here, although there’s no specific mention of internships or entry-level roles.

Added by edit 7th Jan: Info from Liberty –  At Liberty we have an ongoing paid internship scheme which runs throughout the year, and a large number of people who intern with us then move up to JAE level. To apply for that emai info@libertycomms.com or by complete an enquiry form on our website

In addition to offering internships and entry level positions at Liberty, we launched the Liberty Academy a couple of years ago. This scheme is for school leavers, graduates and those interested in getting into PR  and they can come and work with us for a day to learn more about the what a career in PR and marketing is like and gives them hands on experience in an agency environment.

108. Westbourne Communications
There’s no careers info on the Westbourne website, but there is a team page so find the most appropriate person to write to and apply speculatively.

109. Synergy Sponsorship
Synergy offers 2 – 4 week paid work experience placements.

110. Richmond Towers Communications
Richmond Towers has a careers page on its website, but strangely no information on how to apply to work there.  There’s a generic email address that’s worth a go if you want to apply speculatively.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Richmond Towers tell me that they do take paid interns and work experience and those vacancies will be advertised on their careers page.  To apply email andrea@rt-com.com

111. Brazen
There’s no info on careers on Brazen’s website, but both the Founder and Client Services Director are listed here so it’s worth dropping them a line.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Brazen tweeted me to say they run a full graduate intake programme and welcome applications from all walks of life.  To apply send an email to either of the email address I linked to earlier, or fill out the enquiry form on the website.

112. Curtin & Co
There’s no careers info on Curtin’s website, but the team page lists all the senior staff so do your research, find the most appropriate person to write to and apply speculatively.

113. FWD Group
FWD offers both internships and work experience placements.

114. JBP Associates
JBP offers three-month internships in its London office, and a rolling work experience programme in its Bristol office. 

115. Lucre
Lucre offers both work experience and internships.  It’s also currently advertising an Account Assistant role.

116. House PR
House offers work experience placements.

117. Focus PR
Focus encourages speculative applications here. (in the blue box in the bottom left hand corner)  They ask for 250 words or fewer along with your CV.

118. Wyatt
Wyatt specifically encourage graduate applications here.

119. Say Communications
Say’s website doesn’t specify if they offer internships, but I do know that they have recruited at a graduate level in the past as a TBF alumni went to work there.  Speculative applications are encouraged here.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Say Communications contact me to say they do have info about internships on their website – sorry about that guys, I didn’t scroll down far enough!  Info from them:

Say Communications invites applications for both placements and internships of four weeks or more in both its technology and healthcare teams. The email address is internships@saycomms.co.uk. A number of past placements/interns have gone on to secure Junior Account Executive positions at Say. In addition, any current vacancies are advertised on the Join us page.

120. Eskenzi PR
Eskenzi doesn’t have a careers page on the website.  There’s a generic email address here, but do your research and find the best person to write to before sending a speculative application.

121. The PR Office
The PR Office accepts internship applications here.

122. Finn Communications
Finn make it very difficult to apply to work there as there’s no email address on the website and no mention of careers at all.  There’s a contact form here that might be worth a go but interestingly they encourage clients to send them a 140 character brief and it may be worth the same approach to get their attention if you want to intern there.

123. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Speculative applications are encouraged here.  They’re also currently recruiting for an Account Executive.

124. Tetra Strategy
Tetra don’t specify if they offer internships but they do encourage speculative applications here.

Added by edit 6th Feb:  From Tetra – At Tetra we do offer internships and we are signed up to the PRCA campaign so those are paid positions on offer.  We typically work either directly with a couple of university schemes or we advertise both on our careers page and W4MP.

125. SE10

SE10 don’t list internship opportunities on their website and currently there are no vacancies in their London office, but they do encourage speculative applications here.

126. Chameleon PR
Speculative applications encouraged here.

Added by edit 23rd Jan:  Chameleon got in touch to say they offer internship opportunities throughout the year and they ‘provide equipment, lots of food & drink as well as providing a weekly payment to cover travel and expenses.’  I pointed out that it is is in fact illegal to not pay interns national minimum wage to which they responded with the following:

“We have run longer, more formalised programmes with an appropriate salary. However we’ve also tried to support what HMRC would term ‘voluntary workers,’ for whom the reasonable travel / expenses is the expected provision. We’ve typically done this when ‘friends of the business’ have asked us to help out a known party in getting some experience of life in London while in the midst of an educational course – typically a week or so. So it genuinely is the work experience side of things.

Of course, we respect this not being an ‘internship’ by the proper definition, so please don’t think I’m seeking to be misleading here. Nonetheless it’s a good reminder for us perhaps to be a bit more formal in our delineation of the two.

Again, appreciate the response and hopefully in a voluntary or formalised internship format we can continue to support some great talent getting useful experience.”

I think they are pushing the definition of ‘voluntary experience’ beyond its limits here, personally.  Giving internships to ‘friends of the business’ is also not a great way to encourage diversity in the industry, although obviously is not illegal.

127. BWP Primal
Speculative applications encouraged here.

128. Babel PR
Babel is currently recruiting for its 2015 graduate scheme.  Deadline for applications is 27th February.

129. MRM
MRM doesn’t list internships or graduate schemes on the website, but helpfully it does list the senior team with their LinkedIn profiles making it easy for you to connect and enquire about entry-level opportunities.

130. Marlin PR
Marlin offers one-month paid work experience placements.

131. Hope&Glory
No careers info on the Hope&Glory website, but the (very colourful) team page lists all staff so find the appropriate person and apply speculatively.

132. Propeller Group
There are no internships mentioned on the Propeller website, but they are currently recruiting for an Account Executive.

133. 3×1 Public Relations
Speculative applications encouraged here.  Their CV upload system only allows one document to be uploaded, so it’s worth putting a one-page cover letter at the start of your CV document.

134. Midas Public Relations
Midas aren’t currently recruiting and there’s no mention of internships on their website.  The team page is here though, so worth finding the right person and enquiring speculatively.

135. Roche Communications
Roche don’t have careers info on the website but the team page lists all the staff so you know what to do .

136. Claremont
For an agency which specialises in work on apprenticeships and youth unemployment, it’s surprising there’s no mention of internships or entry-level roles on their website.  The generic email address for applications is here, but try to find someone specific to write to.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Claremont got in touch with useful info on their entry-level opportunties:

Claremont takes on apprentices every year, but only advertise specific opportunities. The company is expected to announce the 2015 plans later this spring. Interested candidates can sign up to get email updates via the website to ensure they don’t miss out on announcements.

Claremont is also considering offering internships at the moment, but the company will only offer them if it feels they will provide a meaningful opportunity to the young person, are paid London Living Wage and comply with the PRCA’s internships code of conduct.

The generic email address for CVs listed on the Claremont website is monitored closely and they reply to genuine and relevant speculative enquiries.

137. Connect Public Relations
No careers info on the Connect website, but the team is listed with their email addresses so it’s easy for you to find the right person to write to speculatively.

138. Myriad Public Relations
The vacancies page currently doesn’t have any entry-level roles and internships aren’t mentioned, but it’s worth a speculative application.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Myriad got in touch to say they do offer work experience/short internships.  The best way to contact them is by emailing veronica.hart@myriadpr.com or via their Twitter.

139. Atomic PR
Atomic is currently hiring Account Executives.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Atomic PR got in touch to say they’re on the look out for fab interns for paid internships.  For more info email info-uk@atomicpr.com

140. Spark Communications
Speculative applications encouraged here.

Added by edit 7th Jan: Info from Spark – they currently have an open graduate position.

141. Touchdown PR
There’s no careers info on the Touchdown website but the senior team are listed here.  Look them up and apply speculatively.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Info from Touchdown – They recruit four graduates a year and the selection process will start in May.  They pay competitve salaries and you’d be on full benefits including an annual allowance of £1,000 to use against external learning and development courses. They have offices in Paris, Munich, Amsterdam and San Francisio and in 2014 grads took business trips overseas – Boston, Munich and Amersterdam – as part of the job. If you’re interested in applying, please send your CV and cover letter to careers@touchdownpr.com

142. Fifth Ring
Fifth ring do take interns although there’s no info on how to apply on their careers page.  I suspect your best bet is to send a CV and cover letter to talent@fifthring.com

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Fifth Ring contacted me to say they offer internships and short work placements in their digital, PR, design and strategy teams.  Previous interns have gone on to work full time with them.  To apply send a CV, examples of your work and cover letter telling them why you’d do a great job to talent @fifthring.com

143. Proof Communication
No careers info on Proof’s website, but the senior staff are listed so look them up on Twitter and LinkedIn, connect and send a speculative application.

144. Creative Bridge
Creative Bridge list their vacancies here.

145. Siren Communications
Speculative applications encouraged here.

146. Tea & Cake PR
Tea & Cake accept internship applications all year round and are also currently advertising for a digital PR executive.

147. Inkling
There’s no career info on their website, but the senior staff are listed so look them up and apply speculatively.

148. Acceleris Marketing Communications
Acceleris encourage speculative applications.

149. Third City
No junior roles, grad schemes or internship listed but there is this old blog post with some info on their work and an email address for speculative applications.

Added by edit 6th Jan:  Third City got in touch to say they don’t have a seasonal grad scheme but they post opportunities on their website and on Twitter.

150. Pagoda Public Relations
No graduate schemes or internships listed on the website, but all the senior team are here so look them up and write a speculative application.

This list only has the top 150 agencies as listed by PR Week, but there are of course loads of other agencies out there.  Please make sure you read the comments as some of those have added details of their entry-level schemes there.


PR Agencies:  Some of you have brilliant websites with great info on very clear careers pages which means you will get more of the applications you really want.  Some of you have truly dreadful websites with no career info at all which means you’ll get tonnes of poor applications from the wrong kinds of people so it might be time to rethink how you encourage entry-level applications from the best candidates.  If you want to talk to me about how to do that, or to discuss your entry-level recruitment process I am able to offer consultancy.

If you are listed here and the information is incorrect, or if you have further info to add please put a note in the comments and I will edit accordingly.

If you are an agency not listed in the top 150 but have entry-level opportunities you’d like to share – do put them in the comments.


For an detailed look at careers in the PR industry including how to write a decent CV and cover letters buy my book: How To Get A Job In PR




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