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Big Bad Bosses

I have fairly recently changed jobs.  I left on good terms with my old boss but some previous bosses haven’t been quite so nice.  Anyway, whilst bemoaning this fact to some friends the following stories (kept anonymous for obvious reasons) came tumbling out….. beware bosses, be an arse and it may come back to bite you in in the, erm, arse!

"I had a psycho boss. 
Who would tell you to fuck off one day, and then be your best pal the next. He was an alcoholic freak, and very very mean.
He also used to pimp out his dog to other people’s lady dogs in our
staff room at lunch time. He was basically a grade A bastard. I was so
glad to leave."

"I once had a boss make me pick up her dog from
her house and CARRY IT on the tube to bring it to the office.  I nearly
resigned that day."

"I had one who was a lawsuit waiting to happen…
His first words to a very shy new person (me)… "it’s always the quiet
ones you need to look out for, I bet you’re a fireball in the bedroom.
Have you got your clit pierced?"

I had one who used to take advantage that I was a hard
worker and did bugger all basically leaving me to run the department
whiel he sat around chatting to his friend."

"Erm… there was my first boss who kept hitting
on me.  He’d asked me in (my first ever interview at 19) if I was in a
relationship and if I was planning on having babies any time soon.
Every Friday after work we’d have a bbq and he’d get drunk and leery.
I used to make sure that my boyfriend picked me up (was "expected" to
attend and enjoyed everyone else’s company).  I left after a couple of
months.  He ended up shagging my replacement and his wife found out and
shot herself in the work parking lot.  He continued using that same car
for ages after.

Then my next boss asked me what I thought about sex.  I replied
"what do you mean, think about sex how?" to which he replied "with me".
I said I didn’t."

"My old boss was the reason that I left my old job.
She was awful a real bully, she’d pick on people for not getting enough
leads and therefore they wasn’t enough to converted to sales so the
branch wasn’t making money and colleagues wouldn’t get a bonus.   She would pick on people, out of 8 of us 3 were signed off with depression it was the most awful time."

"My last boss used to pay us by cheque and asked me to remind him, so i
did and whenever I reminded him he used to swear at me. And we were
also due to be paid on the last day of each month and one of us would
pop to the bank on our lunchbreak to pay everyone’s cheques into the
bank so that it would start to clear. The boss cottoned onto this so
would hand us our cheques after lunch break at about 3:15pm so it was
too late to for our cheques to clear which meant the money stayed in
his bank for longer! Needless to say I left due to his attitude with
this and many other things and i just got a load more of abuse for my
last few weeks. Since leaving I then discovered from the Inland Revenue
that he hadn’t been paying my tax or National Insurance which he then
had to cough up!!"

"I left my last job because of my old boss.  She was a complete nightmare and best mates with the overall boss, who
wouldn’t do anything when i eventually got up the courage to complain
about her.  One notable episode was giving my friend a nervous breakdown which
was eventually caused by screaming at both of us in front of the whole
office about something she had asked us to do and forgotten about, and
then assumed we had done it wrong. The final straw was her having gone to a meeting and left me a note
of some work she needed doing that i was to leave on her desk for her
to collect when she got back from the meeting.  I had done the work
exactly as she had asked (and had the note to prove it) and when I got
in the following day, got screamed at in front of the whole office
because I should have known she’d made a mistake on the note she’d left
and asked for the wrong thing. Such a cow."

"My boss regularly goes in a bad mood for no reason, its mostly just me
and him in the office and he thinks its acceptable to completely ignore
what i say on a daily basis, then thinks that he can come in and start
a conversation with me when he’s snapped out of it."

"An old boss threw a paperweight at my head – it
was a glass one about the size of a cricket ball because she could not
find some paperwork and she assumed that I had it. Which I didn’t by the way – the paperweight was thrown because I denied all knowledge!"

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